Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their roofs. Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance, your roof will likely take more damage from storms or just deteriorate faster. However, once you understand what can shorten your roof’s lifespan, you’ll realize that just about anything can negatively affect your investment. Anything from hailstones and snow to the contraction and expansion of your foundation and roofing materials can force your roof into a state of disrepair. It’s important to take care of any problems you come across right away, or it could lead to expensive roof repairs or even a roof replacement further down the road. You may even end up needing interior repairs if water leaks damage your ceiling, walls, or floors. But a regular home roof inspection can help with all of that.

The CK Roofing Inspection Process

When a homeowner calls us about a possible roof problem, we’ll send out a roof inspector to assess some key areas of the roof. Specific areas we’ll need to inspect include:

  • General roof conditions
  • Membrane
  • Roof slope
  • Ceilings
  • Exterior wall surfaces
  • Interior wall surfaces

Generally, we conduct these inspections once the homeowner notices a problem. However, you can save yourself some time and money by having the CK Roofing team inspect your roof once a year. While we’re out there, we can also perform regular roof maintenance to protect your roof from inclement weather.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

So how do you know if your Tomball home needs roof repairs? Well, you’ll need to keep an eye out for sudden leaks and fallen shingles. You should also take a look at your roof after every storm to see if there’s any damage. Even if there’s no hail and it was just windy, you still might need shingle repairs. Keep reading to discover everything our roofers will check for during a roof inspection.  


Our roofing experts will check your attic to ensure it’s properly ventilated. All of your vents will also need to be checked for obstructions. If your home still uses gas appliances, it’s also important for one of our technicians to ensure the fasteners are still in place amid the expansion and contraction of metal. 

Roof Shingles

Perhaps one of the most obvious things that must be checked are the roof shingles. We need to inspect them to make sure they were installed properly and haven’t sustained any damage throughout the year. If damaged shingles go without repairs, it will reduce the overall lifespan of your home’s roof. 

Water leaks

Obviously water leaks indicate that there’s a problem with your roof. If we see leaks anywhere in your home we’ll take the necessary measures to discover where the leak is and repair it. If you have skylights or anything penetrating your roof, we’ll also assess that area as it will be more susceptible to leaks. This includes the chimney so you can expect one of our roofers to check the flashing, mortar, and overall condition of the chimney cap. 

Roof Decking

A simple roof decking test is to walk over the roof and see if it’s firm or not. But this test isn’t perfect so if one of CK Roofing’s inspectors thinks there could be an issue, we may conduct more tests. 


We’ll check to make sure the gutters are still good and don’t have any cracks or blockages that would hinder or alter the flow of water runoff. If there’s debris in your gutters, it needs to be cleaned out promptly to avoid damage to the roof. 

Reliable Houston Roofers

Contact CK Roofing in Tomball, Texas to schedule a free initial consultation. We specialize in storm, hail, and wind damage roof repairs. But no matter the cause of the damage, CK Roofing Tomball can get it back in shape and extend its overall life span.