Everything is bigger in Texas, and roofs are no exception. If you are looking to get a new roof in Houston, then you’re probably wondering how much it will set you back. While there are various factors that affect the price of your roof, we will hopefully shed some light on how much you can expect to pay.

Houston Roofing Needs

With close to 1,000,000 homes in Houston, the need for roofers is incredibly high. Couple this volume with Houston weather, and you are looking at thousands of houses that will need repairs every year. 

Houston, located in Southeast Texas, is less than 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This means that ocean-created weather easily makes its way up to the large metropolitan area. This includes high winds, high humidity, and even hurricanes- all of which can wreak havoc on your roof. This inclement weather requires a new roof in Houston to be structurally sound and resilient towards these conditions.

Price for a New Roof in Houston

The price for a new roof can range from anywhere between $6,000 to $20,000. The average lifespan of a roof is 20-50 years. With these numbers, you can estimate the total value of your roof to be anywhere from $120-$1000 a year. With all things considered and how valuable your roof is to your health, that doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Of course, other factors will affect how much your roof ends up costing.

The average roofing cost in Houston is around $8,000, which, (if your roof lasts 30 years), will provide you with priceless protection for only $266 a year.

Factors That Affect Roofing Price 

There are many factors that will affect the price of your new roof. As with any construction, size and complexity of the operation will determine how much you will have to spend.

One of the most important factors in determining how much your roof will cost is your roofing material. Asphalt shingles are generally much cheaper than clay tiles so if you decide to go with the latter, you can expect to pay more. 

Another important factor is the size and complexity of your roof. With a larger service area, more material and longer hours of labor are required to get your job done. This will ultimately drive up the price of your roof replacement. The complexity of your roof is also an important factor as it may require additional safety equipment and longer hours of working. 

Contact CK Roofing to Install Your New Roof in Houston 

If you are in Houston and find yourself in need of a new roof, you will need an experienced professional to complete the job for you. When it comes to your roof, you should be confident that you are getting the best quality materials and service possible. CK Roofing can offer that security. Give us a call today or fill out our online form so we can install your brand new roof.