Most homeowners decide to invest in a new roof because of irreparable storm damage or regular wear and tear. But they seldom think about the importance of roof ventilation. They really should though because the best time to improve your ventilation system is while you’re replacing your Houston home’s roof. 

Ventilation is really important for reducing energy costs and allowing for proper circulation. None of us want to be hot all summer long, right? Good ventilation also boasts the additional benefit of preventing shingle cracks, extending your roof’s lifespan. CK Roofing in Houston can provide insight about how many vents your specific home needs, but generally roofers recommend one vent for every 300 square feet if your home already has a vapor barrier. Today, CK Roofing Houston is going to share some signs that your roof doesn’t have sufficient roof ventilation, and let you know exactly what we can do about it. 

Your air conditioner broke down

This is perhaps one of the best tests for roof ventilation efficiency because Texans spend most of the year blasting the A/C. If hot air is getting trapped inside your home during the summer, your HVAC unit is likely working double time to cool the area. Unfortunately, when your air conditioner is in overdrive it can lead to costly repairs, sometimes more than one. Multiple HVAC breakdowns could mean that you have an insufficient ventilation system in your Houston home. You could save yourself a lot of money on repair costs by purchasing residential roof vents. 

Hot and cold areas in your home

You shouldn’t have to add and shed layers constantly in your own home. If some areas of your residence are sweltering while others are incredibly drafty, you probably need more vents. This also signals that your HVAC system is probably working too hard. You may end up needing to pay for roof vents and HVAC repairs. 

Benefits of proper roof ventilation

There are several signs that your home has insufficient ventilation, you just have to look out for them. If you notice a potential problem, the roofing experts at CK Roofing can confirm if you need more vents or not. Now, let’s get into some ways proper ventilation will benefit your home!

Reduce energy bill– Your electric bill will unfortunately just get higher because you’re paying to cool a house that’s trapping hot air inside. 

A healthier home– Improper ventilation allows excess moisture to grow mold and mildew. Proper ventilation helps prevent this and makes your air more breathable.

Longer roof life– Hot shingles wear down faster. So if your roof is taking a beating from the hot Texas sun and a hot attic, you’ll likely have to replace your roof sooner than you may have expected. Roof ventilation also prevents moisture buildup that could leave you with rotten shingles.  

When should I upgrade my roof ventilation?

It’s best to install new roof vents while you’re replacing your roof but that doesn’t always happen. Whether it was a miscalculation on your roofers part or you wanted to save money and have a prettier roof makes no difference, sometimes you’ll just need to do an install further down the road. 

CK Roofing Houston ventilation specialists

We know it can be irritating when you spend thousands of dollars on a new roof just to find out it’s not properly ventilated. But our roofing specialists can make simple changes to improve airflow in your home and reduce cooling costs. Just call us today to schedule a free consultation and we’ll determine if there are any deficits in your roofing system. Our roofers can install exhaust vents, box vents, intake vents, attic ventilators, or some other ventilation system to maximize your comfort. If not, we can provide other suggestions to help make your home more comfortable.