As the days get chilly, it’s important to give your home extra attention. When temperatures change, you may notice some changes in your structures too. Your roof needs special attention during this time of the year. Roofs are the first line of defense against environmental threats, such as thunderstorms, high winds, tornadoes, hail storms, etc. The change in temperature can also impact it’s stability. CK Roofing has listed a couple of factors to check to make sure that your roof is ready for the fall season.

Get a Professional Inspection

The only way to catch a problem before it gets out of hand is to go and look for it. You can inspect a roof yourself, although we don’t recommend it. There are many red flags and signs that show when your roof has an issue. These signs aren’t usually spotted by regular homeowners. In order to ensure that your roof is in top shape, we recommend getting professionals to inspect your roof. CK Roofing is more than happy to secure your roof’s stability. Our team can catch these red flags easily, and we will take care of the repairs before any major problems arise.

Regular Maintenance

Apart from inspections, your roof deserves regular maintenance, so it’s ready for the fall season. If you don’t have much experience, we don’t recommend you standing on top of your roof and caring for it yourself. It’s very dangerous, and there are other ways of treating it. CK Roofing offers affordable maintenance year-round. Here are a couple of things we look out for and repair, as well as signs that you need maintenance done:

Damaged Shingles 

After a heavy storm or high winds, we can inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs. We keep an eye out for broken, missing, curling, cracked, or peeling shingles. If there are any holes, you could experience leaks inside your home. 

Leaks in Attic or Ceiling

If you notice streaks of water down your walls or ceilings, you have a leaking problem. This water can be a result of holes in your roof. When the next thunderstorm comes around, your home will not be ready for it. There are many rainy days in the fall season, so the last thing you want are holes on your roof. This needs to get fixed as soon as possible.

Trim Nearby Trees

If there are any overhanging branches over your roof, they need to be trimmed. Trees can cause problems to your roof. They can fall on top of your roof during a severe storm, or the branches could cause damage too. Not to mention, their leaves pile up on your roof and gutters, preventing water from running its course. This can lead to rotting and mold on your roof.

CK Roofing Has Your Back

CK Roofing has been servicing Houston and surrounding areas for decades. We provide roofing solutions for any kind of problem no matter if it’s big or small. Our priority is customer satisfaction, so our job isn’t done until you are happy. We can install, inspect, maintain, repair, and replace your entire roof. With regular care, we can prevent your roof from needing extensive and expensive repairs. Let’s get your roof ready for the fall season. Get in touch with us today!