Your roof plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of your home and keeping you safe. Regular roof inspections are necessary to prevent roof mold from happening or to stop damage before it spreads. A common roofing dilemma is mold infestations. Mold is the result of algae growth. It grows and spreads quickly in rainy, humid weather. Texas seems to have endless rainy days throughout April and May. Over the summer, severe thunderstorms and flooding are also common. Mold is a problem during this time of the year, and it can pose a threat to health and other parts of the house. CK Roofing can help put a stop to it.

What is Mold and How Does it Grow?

If you’ve ever looked up at your roof after a walk and noticed black, streaky stains on it, you are dealing with mold. It is usually caused by dirt accumulation, defective shingles, and mildew. It grows easily in heat, rain, and humidity which is frequent weather in Texas. Mold also needs nutrients, which it gathers from the limestone filling in your roof’s shingles. The mold spreads quickly and will darken your roof if we don’t put a stop to it. You can’t stop mold from occurring, but you can stop it from spreading. 

Signs That You May Be Dealing with Mold

If you start to notice leaks in your home, there is a high chance that mold is building up on the roof. Any damage to your roof can be a  gateway for mold. Mold also causes a strong, foul odor that may remind you of antique shops. It can create a musty smell that can cause respiratory problems. Mold comes in different colors. If you notice green, brown, white, black, or grey stains on your walls, contact CK Roofing right away. It’s important to get this problem under control and prevent future roof mold.

Should I Clean the Roof on My Own?

Although it may seem like a simple job, it is quite dangerous. You will be working with bleach, lots of water, and a heavy-duty cleaner. Working at extreme heights without experience can be life-threatening. Wet algae and mold are very slippery. A slip of the foot can put you in a hospital bed in seconds. There are also specific cleaning supplies that should never be used, especially those that contain ammonia. Sometimes, no matter how much cleaning you do, you won’t solve the issue. CK Roofing only uses the best chemicals and supplies and can tell you right from the start if you will need a replacement. Why waste your time cleaning it on your own, if you’ll just have to call a professional later?

A Danger to Your Health

Mold exposure can be detrimental to your health. Common symptoms are a stuffy nose, wheezing, red or itchy eyes, and skin. People can be allergic to mold and suffer more intense reactions. If you or a family member has asthma, their health is on the line. Don’t wait until it is too late, we are only a call away.

Call CK Roofing Today to Prevent Roof Mold

Regular cleanings and inspections will prevent the mold from spreading and becoming a bigger problem. At CK Roofing, we have over 20 years of experience dealing with mold and ways to fight it off. We offer a comprehensive maintenance program that ranges from inspection to the installation of protective measures to secure a safe and durable roof. Contact us today, so we can assess the condition of your roof and determine the best course of action.