Maybe a big storm just hit or you have been hearing loud gusts of wind when suddenly a large crash shakes your house. When the storm subsides and you walk outside to find a tree puncturing your roof, there are several steps you should take to ensure both you and your home’s safety. When a tree falls on your roof, it can be particularly daunting, but if you follow this guide, hopefully the situation will seem less formidable.

Should I Even Worry About Trees Falling On My Roof?

Some people obviously have to worry about a tree falling on their roof more than others. People that live near the coast or in hurricane/tornado prone areas will have a much higher chance of strong wind knocking over a tree. 

However, there are also other factors that can influence the likelihood of a tree falling. This includes the age of the tree and composition of the soil. If you are surrounded by old dying trees, then they have a higher chance of falling than a healthy tree. If you live in an area with soft soil, then wind speeds do not have to be as high in order to knock down a tree. 

What Not To Do When a Tree Falls On Your Roof 

Before we get into what you should do, let’s talk about what you absolutely should not do. The number one thing that you should avoid doing when a tree falls on your roof is go on your roof to inspect it, especially during a storm. Your roof’s structure will be compromised and your additional weight may cause the roof underneath you to collapse, which can cause serious injury or death. 

If a particularly large tree has damaged your roof so completely that it is visible through the ceiling, then you should make an effort to avoid walking under that damaged section at all times. This type of damage is often unpredictable and may end up collapsing. You certainly don’t want to be underneath it when that happens. 

What To Do When a Tree Falls On Your Roof

Here are the steps that you should do in the event of a tree falling on your roof:

Evacuate or Move to a Safe Spot

When a tree falls on your roof, the first thing that you should do is wait until the storm subsides and evacuate the house. If that is impossible, seal off the affected area and don’t enter rooms that may be subject to collapse. 

Call the Police 

The next thing you should do is call the police. You never know what that tree may have hit on its way down to your roof. If it struck electrical or gas lines, a fire could break out. Make sure you call emergency services so they can send someone to ensure the safety of the rest of your home. 

Call a Roofer

Once it has been established that your roof is not in danger of bursting into flames, the next step is to get your roof fixed. Simply call a reliable roofing company that performs 24/7 storm damage repairs. They can fix your roof safely and you can go back to feeling secure in your home. 

Call CK Roofing If a Tree Falls On Your Roof 

If you have recently had a tree fall on your roof, then you will need a team of professional roofers to bring safety back to your home. Serving Houston, Tomball, and Cypress and the surrounding areas, The experts at CK Roofing have the experience and knowledge necessary to fix any problem your roof may have. Give us a call or fill out our online form today so we can fix your roof.