Roof replacement is an unfortunate necessity of homeownership. Before you commit to a roof replacement contract, make sure the company you have chosen is reputable. There are many stories about homeowners being scammed by fly-by-night roofing companies, especially after natural disasters. When you begin the process of finding a legitimate roofing company, do your research. 

Get Local Referrals

If you live in an area with very many other homes, you’ll see roofing projects happening around you. There is less chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from your community. They are more familiar with local rules and code regulations and have a relationship with area crews and suppliers. Also, check out reviews online.

Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings

Before investing thousands of dollars in a roof replacement, find the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. This website can be a reliable place to find information on companies in your area. Companies with lower ratings have typically had legitimate complaints placed against them. Steer clear of companies without high BBB ratings.


Roofing companies should always have an amount of professionalism. Contractors coming to your home with an old van and magnetic sign attached should not be considered professional. Each person you speak with, from the secretary to the roof installers should be polite and professional. After your first call to a company, if you find impatient or rude employees, stay clear. This behavior is often a glimpse of things to come.

Meet With Several Contractors

Take the time to talk to several roofing companies. This will allow you to compare and look for an honest and reasonable price range. Interview at least three professionals before you make a decision. Compare the bids, but remember that price is not the only thing you are looking for,  just one part of the project. Be leary of any seemingly low or really high bids. You probably don’t want to base your decision on a couple of hundred dollars for a project that costs several thousand dollars.

Check for Proper Licensing, Insurance, and Bonding

Make sure the company has insurance for all employees and subcontractors. They should be able to provide a copy of their insurance certificate for proof. If they do not have adequate insurance this could potentially lead to legal problems between a contractor and homeowner if a roofing employee is injured at your home. Being bonded is not required but does help to guarantee satisfactory work. Businesses that obtain bonding are held to standards of quality. A bonded company is a mark of a reputable company.

CK Roofing is Here for Your Roofing Needs

Reliable. Trustworthy. Honest. These are three words that describe our roofing contractors. At CK Roofing, we take those words seriously, and we work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence. We never take shortcuts just to make more money; customer loyalty is more important to us than a quick buck. We strive to save you time and money by getting the job done right the first time. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to each and every client. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied with the results.