It is up to you if you want to stay at home during a roof replacement or if you want to stay in a different spot while the project goes on. There are perks and downsides to each side, but ultimately it is your decision. But before you choose, CK Roofing has gathered some factors to consider to help you make the decision that best interests you. And if you haven’t found a reliable roofing contractor to take over this extensive project, get in touch with our team right away. We have been replacing roofs for many years now and we always complete the projects in a timely manner. 

Ensuring Your Roof Is Properly Installed

One of the main reasons a homeowner wants to stay home when the roof is being replaced is to ensure that it is being installed properly. If they have any questions or concerns, they can bring those up early on. If you don’t like how something is turning out, you can bring it to our roofers’ attention right then and there. 

You can rest assured that CK Roofing will install your roof properly. We have years of experience in the industry and our team has installed all kinds of roofing systems. Even if you decide to stay somewhere else during the project, our team will give you regular updates and you can check on the progress at any time. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind and the confidence that your roof is entrusted in good hands.

A Roof Replacement Is Really Loud

Have you ever been home when someone has been hammering nails in your home? How about on your roof? If you haven’t experienced this before, you have no idea how loud it can get. If you have a two-story house, the sound might be a little muffled on the first floor, but you will still be able to hear the constant banging. You don’t mind the noise? Then you are completely welcome to stay home during the roof replacement.

Do You Own Any Pets?

If you own any pets, they might be frightened by all of the noise. If you have a dog that is constantly shaking during thunderstorms, then chances are they are not going to like the constant banging on the roof. Cats are just as bothered by all the noise, if not more. If you don’t want to drive your pets crazy, then the best choice might be to stay somewhere else during the roof replacement project. 

Plan Out Your Day

When you stay at home during the roof construction, you need to ensure that your vehicles won’t get blocked into the driveway. If you are planning on heading out during the day, make sure you move your car. Once the construction has started for the day, the project will get delayed if your vehicle is blocked and the driveway needs to be cleared of debris and nails to get the car out. So, you will need to be mindful of your plans for the day.

CK Roofing Is Here to Help

If you are in need of a roof replacement or a simple repair in Houston, Texas, get in touch with CK Roofing today! Let’s fortify your roof and home!