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Spring is above interstate Highway 45 twenty miles north of Houston in north Harris County. The area was first inhabited by the Orcoquiza Indians, who were first visited by Spaniards in 1746. In the 1820s, some of Stephen F. Austin’s settlers settled nearby. In 1836 the General Council of the Provisional Government introduced the area in the municipality of Harrisburg. William Pierpont established a trading post on nearby Spring Creek in 1838, and by 1840 Spring had a population of 153.  Since that time, Spring, Texas, has grown and developed into a great community full of businesses and communities. CK Roofing proudly provides Spring, Texas quality repair for their roofs and does so with care and ensures quality.

The weather can wreak havoc on a home or business roof. The lifespan of a roof with proper maintenance and care can last anywhere around 20 to 30 years. Given our state’s history of hot, dry summers, those years can be cut drastically short.

It’s important to regularly inspect and maintain your roof to ensure it’s doing its job, keeping your home covered, dry, and cool. A failing roof can lead to high utility costs and overall discomfort or cause worse damage when mother nature strikes.

So before things turn south and you find yourself in a real expensive situation, give us a call. CK Roofing provides roof inspections, and we can inform you of the overall health and guide you through any repairs it may need.

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