You probably already know this, but living in Texas gets hot. Like, really hot. The extreme temperatures can take your breath away and steal the joy from your home and even keep you from doing the things you love. Fortunately, you can offset those extreme temperatures by investing in proper roof ventilation. We will go over what roof ventilation is, as well as three main reasons to invest in it.

What is Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation is a great way to increase the amount of fresh air reaching your home from outdoors. It can also keep the inside environment cool, even during the heat of Texas summers. Roof ventilation features can include vents, fans, ductwork, and outlet covers that can help provide the proper amount of oxygen flow into your home. It’s a system that provides air circulation to keep the atmosphere in your home ideal and safe. And here’s why it’s worth it.

Lower Energy Bills

It is believed that the average person spends 30% of their time just dealing with indoor issues such as humidity, temperature, and light. Making sure your home is kept in optimal conditions should be a priority for all homeowners. A well designed roof with proper ventilation will help reduce the potential for damage to your valuable assets and increase the quality of your indoor living. And it’s a small price to pay for keeping the electrical bill at bay. Ventilation helps high temperature air that is trapped in your attic get released outdoors. Therefore, you will be using less air conditioning to keep your house cool.

Keep Your Home and Roof System Strong 

Roof ventilation is vital to the health of your home. Heat traveling to your attic can go through the floors and through walls in the kitchen or living room where it can cause problems such as drafty windows or hot damp floors. Heat induced structural failures are also possible, where supports could fail under the weight of warm air rising from below. Severely damaging your roof could cause a loss of property value, structural damage, and (at the very least) an increased expense to repair.

Prevents Condensation and Mold

When water infiltrates your walls and windows and gets concentrated, it produces the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. This is usually one of the main reasons why people get headaches, have blurry vision, and even sneeze constantly. The accumulation of condensation on your windows can even drip down onto your furniture and ruin your belongings if you don’t put a stop to it. Proper ventilation for your roof is an easy way to help you avoid excess condensation.

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